Boaters Kit (3 PACK), Fast FREE Shipping

The Boaters Starter Kit is expertly curated for boating enthusiasts who demand a complete maintenance and enjoyment solution. Equipped with essential tools and accessories, this kit ensures your boat remains immaculately clean while you enjoy your time at sea in comfort.

1. SOAP BOAT FOAM GUN (Tournament Series Stainless Steel) - Quantity: 1 ($60 Value)
- A premium, stainless steel foam gun designed for efficient and uniform application of cleaning solutions, ensuring a deep and effective clean.

2. FOAMING BOAT SOAP - Quantity: 1 ($23 Value)
- Specifically formulated for use with the foam gun, this soap is perfect for general boat cleaning. It’s effective for regular maintenance, ensuring your boat stays pristine.

3. HEAVY DUTY BOAT CLEANER - Quantity: 1 ($23 Value)
- A powerful cleaner tailored for tough stains and grime. Ideal for tackling heavy-duty cleaning challenges like fish blood, oil, and stubborn dirt.

4. SALT RINSE - Quantity: 1 ($23 Value)
- An essential solution designed to neutralize and wash away salt residues. Perfect for maintaining your boat's engine and other salt-exposed surfaces, preventing corrosion.

5. FREE SHIPPING ($20 Value) Enjoy Free Shipping across the Continental U.S.! Experience hassle-free delivery directly to your doorstep at no extra cost

The Boaters Kit is the ideal choice for those who seek comprehensive care for their boat. It combines the essentials for maintaining a clean boat and enjoying your time on the water. Grab this offer and elevate your boating experience to the next level!