First Mate Kit: Your Choice of Premium Cleaner

Pick Cleaner
Enhance your boat care with the "First Mate Kit." Purchase our premium Stainless Steel marine-grade foam Gun, and choose your preferred cleaner or protection product from our specially formulated range. Plus, benefit from FREE Shipping.

Select Your Preferred Cleaner/Protection Product:

1. Neutralizing Salt Wash:
- Usage: After every boat trip.
- Benefits: Combats saltwater and air damage. Cleans and protects against buildup and corrosion. Safe for all boat surfaces, it's crucial for your boat's longevity and appearance.

2. Foaming Boat Soap:
- Usage: Ideal for routine cleaning post-outing.
- Benefits: Citrus-scented, high-foaming soap. Removes dirt and grime, enhancing shine without harming wax or sealants. Suitable for various surfaces, including ceramic coats and vinyl. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, it leaves your boat gleaming and smelling great.

3. Heavy Duty Boat Cleaner:
- Usage: Perfect for post-fishing or messy trips.
- Benefits: Designed for anglers. Lifts stains and blood, removing tough dirt, grime, salt, and oil from surfaces like fiberglass and aluminum, while preserving wax and sealants.

Choose the cleaner or protectant that best fits your boating needs with the purchase of our durable Foam Gun in the "First Mate Kit."

Order now and step up your boat maintenance for a cleaner, more protected vessel on every voyage!