Salt Rinse- Neutralizing Salt Wash- Engine Flush

Salty Hull neutralizing salt wash cleans and protects your boat and motor from buildup and corrosion caused by saltwater and salt air. Perfect for dissolving salt from your boat and motor after a day on the water. Safe for all boat surfaces, made with biodegradable ingredients. For best results use a Salty Hull Foam Gun. 

  • Breaks Down and Removes Salt Deposits
  • Use to Flush and Clean Motors
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Safe on all Boat Surfaces
  • 100% Guarantee

 Foam Gun Instructions 

  • Fill 3/4 of your foam gun with water
  • Add 4-6oz of salty hull neutralizing salt wash
  • Set your foam gun to C or D
  • Spray the desired area
  • Disconnect your foam gun and rinse 
  • To avoid drying spots, use a shammy towel to wipe dry 

Motor Flush Instructions 

  • Fill inline applicator cup with Neutralizing Salt wash 
  • Attach the applicator to the flushing hose
  • Turn on the hose and ensure the dispenser is set to rinse
  • Let the motor reach operating temperature 
  • Rotate the applicator knob to "on"
  • Flush until all the solution is gone in the cup

Customer Reviews

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Robert S.

Works well a must have!!!

Robert S.

Works well it’s my go to product always fast shipping

Ben B.

As a long time user of Salty Hull products we were thrilled with the release of the Salt Neutralizer and Environmentally Safe Engine Flush!! When you fish the harshest elements you need the best, SALTY HULL!!
Tag Team Fishing
Ocean Isle NC

Larry S.

Everything I use from salty hull is awesome. It’s unbelievable. Boat is so clean after. Keep it up salty hill guys. Your the best!!!!