Captains Kit-6 Pack-Fast FREE Shipping


The Captain's Kit: Tailored for frequent boaters, it delivers twice the cleaning and protection power, ensuring your boat maintains its pristine appearance. Ideal for efficient maintenance, this kit saves you time and effort, keeping your vessel in excellent condition for every journey on the water.

  1. SOAP BOAT FOAM GUN (Tournament Series Stainless Steel) - Quantity: 1 ($60 Value) - Premium-grade, stainless steel foam gun designed for boat enthusiasts. Perfect for applying cleaning solutions evenly, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean.
  1. SALT RINSE - NEUTRALIZING SALT WASH, ENGINE FLUSH - Quantity: 2 ($46 Value) - Specially formulated to neutralize and wash away salt residues. Ideal for flushing boat engines and protecting them from corrosion.
  1. HEAVY DUTY BOAT CLEANER/BOAT WASH - Quantity: 2 ($46 Value) - A robust cleaning solution perfect for removing tough stains like fish blood, chum, guts, salt, and grime. Essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic boat.
  1. ALL PURPOSE BOAT SOAP - Quantity: 2 ($46 Value) -An all-around effective soap that caters to a range of cleaning demands on your boat. Not only gentle and efficient for everyday upkeep, but it also leaves behind a refreshing classic citrus aroma
  2. FREE Shipping($20 Value) - Enjoy Free Shipping across the Continental U.S.! Experience hassle-free delivery directly to your doorstep at no extra cost