Captains Kit (6 PACK), Fast FREE Shipping

Introducing the Captain's Kit, featuring our Marine-grade Stainless Foam Gun and two bottles of each premium product. Unlock the Protecting, Cleaning, Shining trio with The Captain's Kit. Ideal for avid boaters, it enhances cleaning power and protection to keep your boat pristine. Designed to save time and effort, ensuring your vessel stays in peak condition for every voyage.

  1. BOAT FOAM GUN (Tournament Series Stainless Steel) - Quantity: 1-($60 Value)- Premium-grade, stainless steel foam gun designed for boat enthusiasts. Perfect for applying cleaning solutions evenly, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean. Streamlines your cleaning process, significantly saving time and reducing effort by eliminating the need for a bucket. Once you experience the efficiency and time-saving benefits of using a foam gun for boat cleaning, you'll never want to go back to traditional methods.
  1. SALT RINSE - NEUTRALIZING SALT WASH, ENGINE FLUSH - Quantity: 2 ($46 Value)- Perfect for spraying and protecting all surfaces on your boat, this solution is specially formulated to neutralize and wash away salt residues. It's ideal for not only flushing boat engines but also safeguarding them from corrosion, ensuring comprehensive protection across all areas of your vessel.
  1. HEAVY DUTY BOAT CLEANER/BOAT WASH - Quantity: 2 ($46 Value)- A robust cleaning solution perfect for removing tough stains like fish blood, chum, guts, salt, and grime. Essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic boat.
  1. ALL PURPOSE BOAT SOAP - Quantity: 2 ($46 Value)-Renowned as the best smelling boat soap on the market, this all-around effective soap caters to a wide range of cleaning needs on your boat. It is specifically designed to leave your boat with an amazing shine, ensuring gentle yet efficient daily maintenance. Not only does it ensure your boat is impeccably clean, but it also infuses it with a refreshing classic citrus aroma, significantly enhancing the overall cleaning experience.
  2. FREE Shipping($20 Value) - Enjoy Free Shipping across the Continental U.S.! Experience hassle-free delivery directly to your doorstep at no extra cost