Soap Boat Foam Gun Ultimate Starter Kit/Tournament Series Stainless

Clean and protect your boat in 10 minutes or less using the Ultimate Salty Hull Starter Kit

Effortless Cleaning – Spray, let it rest, and rinse. No buckets or prolonged scrubbing is required.

Preserve Your Boat's Value – Regular use prevents the corrosive effects of salt, ensuring your boat remains in prime condition.

Convenient Daily Use – Daily cleaning is a hassle-free task with our easy-to-use foam gun. Save the scrubbing for every few weeks and let our kit handle the daily care.

Do I Need to Use a Brush to Clean My Boat?

Our products greatly simplify your boat cleaning routine but won't replace the need for a brush entirely. Many users opt for a 'spray, rest, and rinse' approach after outings and use a brush every few trips for a thorough clean. We strive to make cleaning easy and efficient, especially when returning to the dock. Every boat deserves protection and care. By using Salty Hull products regularly, you're actively prolonging the life and value of your boat.

When to Use Which Salty Hull Product? A Guide for Boat Owners

Salt Wash:
When to Use: After every boat trip.
Purpose: A preventive measure against salt accumulation. Pour into the Salty Hull foam gun and spray your boat down. Upon making contact with surfaces, it instantly neutralizes harmful salt build-up, warding off corrosion and potential damage. It's not just about cleaning; it's about actively protecting and extending the life and value of your boat. Bonus: It is also ideal for flushing and safeguarding your engine.

Foaming Boat Soap
-When to Use: For routine boat cleaning after an outing.
-Purpose: This eco-friendly formula captures the day’s grime. It's safe for over-water use, ensuring you leave no environmental footprint. Expect a gleaming finish and a refreshing citrus scent.

Heavy Duty Cleaner
When to Use: After those messy boat trips, especially after fishing ventures.
Purpose: Tailored for intense boating challenges, this cleaner addresses tough stains like fish residue, footprints, and grime. Its formula lifts and dissolves these stubborn particles, restoring your boat's pristine look.

Salty Hull's diverse product range covers every cleaning challenge your boat might face. Commit to regular care, and let Salty Hull guide you on a journey of effortless boat maintenance.

Perfect for any boater looking to clean and protect their boat quickly and with ease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anthony Joellenbeck
Great product

This product works better than expected. I have already bought it again.

Mike B.

Makes cleaning fast and easy

Billy F.

Great products! I have a 34 ft Jupiter which is a handful to clean by yourself. The salty hull system work’s beautifully. The foam works in every cranny then rinse and repeat with the boat wash the final result is a clean shiny boat. I highly recommend using these products.

Stephen W.

Sprayer is well made and have been satisfied with results after a couple of boat washes.

Georgia K.

Really easy and effective