The Shibumi Shade: A Must-Have for Every Boater

August 04, 2023 3 min read

The Shibumi Shade: A Must-Have for Every Boater

An exciting part of being a boater is exploring new waterways, pulling up at pristine beaches, or setting anchor near vibrant sandbars. But these wonderful activities also come with the challenge of the sun's blazing rays. To help protect against this, many boaters have discovered the advantages of the Shibumi Shade. The Shibumi Shade is not just a sun protection tool, it's an essential addition to your boat equipment, ensuring every beaching or sandbar experience is a joyous one.

1. Harnessing the Wind, Not Wrestling It

Unlike traditional beach umbrellas or tents that struggle with the wind, the Shibumi Shade cleverly turns this challenge into an advantage. The Shibumi Shade is a lightweight, durable, and cleverly designed beach canopy that uses wind to provide stability. Anchored by a series of lines and designed to 'float' above the ground, the Shibumi Shade creates ample shade and can be adjusted according to the sun's position. This unique approach to sunshade makes the Shibumi Shade a perfect match for boaters who already know the value of the wind in their sails.

2. Simple Set-Up and Break Down

Setting up a shade structure can often be a complicated task, but the Shibumi Shade's innovative design makes it quick and easy. Even when you're excited to explore the sandbar or beach you've just anchored near, the Shibumi Shade can be set up by just one person. And when it's time to set sail again, the Shibumi Shade can be packed away just as swiftly, compact enough to stow away on your boat without consuming much space.

3. Excellent Sun Protection Without Compromising Enjoyment

Traditional beach shelters might offer shade, but they can also hinder your view, restrict air circulation, or just make you feel confined. The Shibumi Shade is designed to eliminate these issues. Offering broad coverage and UPF 50+ protection, the Shibumi Shade keeps you safe from the sun's harmful rays. At the same time, its open design lets you enjoy the surrounding views and the cool sea breeze, offering you an ideal spot to relax after a swim or while watching the sunset.

4. Durable and Adaptable

The Shibumi Shade's versatile design and high-quality materials make it perfectly suited for any outdoor location, be it the beach or a sandbar. It stands firm even in strong sea winds and withstands saltwater spray, ensuring it lasts many boating adventures. Boaters can set up the Shibumi Shade when they've anchored their vessel, creating a perfect space for a beach picnic, gathering with friends, or just a relaxing nap.

5. Pleasing to the Eye

Part of the joy of boating is the beauty of it—the sleek lines of your vessel, the clear blue water, the soft sand of a beach. The Shibumi Shade fits right into this picture. With its modern design and choice of colors, the Shibumi Shade brings a touch of style to your beach setup while offering practical sun protection.

To wrap up, the Shibumi Shade is truly a necessity for boaters who frequent beaches and sandbars. It's a symbol of smart, adaptable design and proves that you can enjoy the elements without suffering under them. By using nature's wind to your advantage, the Shibumi Shade ensures your beach or sandbar adventures are comfortable and sun-safe. Don't forget to pack your Shibumi Shade the next time you embark on your boating journey. You, your crew, and your love for the sea will undoubtedly be grateful.

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