Soap Boat Foam Gun Deluxe Starter Kit/Tournament Series Stainless

Tournament Series Stainless Steel Deluxe Salty Hull Starter Kit combines the Stainless Foam Gun, Foaming Boat Soap, and Heavy Duty Boat Cleaner and makes it easy to clean and protect your boat.

The starter kit is a perfect combination of products to get any first-timer starter! 

Stainless Salty Hull Foam Gun: is perfect for cleaning all external surfaces and materials, including marine gel coat, fiberglass, paintwork, plastic, polished metal, wood, decks, masts, hulls, etc.

Salty Hull Foaming Boat Soap: This is a specially formulated soap designed to gently release dirt and grime without compromising the protection or water beading of your paint coating. It is safe for all clear coat finishes, wheels, glass, rubber, vinyl. Blended with strong but safe, biodegradable cleaning agents, this stuff works.

 Salty Hull Heavy Duty Boat Cleaner: is specifically formulated to clean aggressive stains and grime. Perfect for getting your boat cleaned up for the season or returning from a rough, salty day on the water. Pairing it with a Salty Hull Foam Gun makes it great for spraying engine bays and hard-to-reach spots. Simply spray, let it rest and watch the magic happen. 100% guarantee or your money back!

Kit includes:

1) 32oz bottle of Salty Hull Boat Soap 

1) 32oz bottle of Salty Hull Heavy Duty Boat Cleaner

1) Stainless Steel Salty Hull Foam Cannon


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
jeffrey d.

great soap to clean salt and grime. The best i have ever used. Will never use another soap to clean my boat.

Austin W.

Worked very well. Vey satisfied.

Josh B.

The soap dispenser mixed with equal parts of daily wash and deep clean made quick work with little cleaning effort on my part. Products work well on my aluminum boat..

John M.

Fantastic product !! So easy to use and works great !!

Roger H.

The Boat Foam Gun and Foaming Boat soaps worked very well. I was impressed with the way the Deep Cleaning soap cleaned up our very dirty boat when we opened up this spring. The system is easy to use provides a lot of cleaning from a single filling of the soap container. The overall quality of the gun is very good. The only downgrade so far is the safety clip that hold to foam dispenser to the canister. It broke in half after about 30 minutes of use. The idea is good but the design needs to be beefed up. I would like to see a hook on the gun in order to hang it on a rail or windshield frame to make it easier to use a brush during the cleaning process.