Citrus Shine Foaming Boat Soap

When to Use:For routine boat cleaning after an outing.

Purpose:Known for its amazing citrus scent, this boat soap is among the best-smelling on the market. Its high-foaming formula effectively removes dirt and grime, enhancing your boat's shine without damaging wax or sealants. It's safe for ceramic coats, Isinglass, clear coats, glass, and vinyl, making it ideal for regular maintenance. The soap's biodegradable agents are environmentally friendly, appealing to eco-conscious boaters. It leaves your boat gleaming and smelling fantastic.

  • Salty Hull's Foaming Boat Soap is specially designed to effectively remove dirt and grime while maintaining the protective coating and water beading of your paint. It won't strip wax or sealants and is perfect for regular boat maintenance washes.
  • With its high foaming action, the soap creates a glossy finish that encapsulates dirt and grit particles. You can even use it in direct sunlight without any worry. Salty Hull's Foaming Boat Soap is safe for all clear coat finishes, wheels, glass, rubber, and vinyl. Its strong yet safe biodegradable cleaning agents make it a reliable choice for any boater.
  • Using Salty Hull's Foaming Boat Soap is effortless and uncomplicated. You can load it into your Salty Hull Foam Gun or use it in a bucket for a regular wash.